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         Holistic approach to health  

"Eat smart, stay well, exercise effectively, know your body, speak your mind, and nurture your spirit"

About us   

Feel Good Twickenham Massage is located in the heart of Twickenham. To meet Your expectations we have developed a branch of treatments, massage and relaxation treatments directed primarily to the hard working people are exposed to stress and physical, mental exhaustion. Especially: office workers, builders, drivers, housewife...

Benefits of massage

Massage is much more than a luxury treatment that makes us feel good.
There are numerous benefits to our health, which have been recognised and valued

for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese all used massage to preserve health and aid healing. Massage promotes health by boosting the body's own processes. Read more




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 After travel Massage
You were a long tiring journey? your legs are heavy and swollen? And you back hurts persistent pain?Need a moment of relaxation, which will regenerate your body perfectly?
1 hour

    A moment of peace - Facial Massage
After a hard stressful day give your face a moment of peace. Let her relax and calm down.
 For a moment stop the world.

30 minutes


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Monday - Friday   10am - 7pm

Saturday                10am - 6pm

Sunday                   10am - 5pm

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Bank Holidays        10am - 6pm


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